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Fifty words

My name is Minh. I’m a graphic designer. I have worked in large and small scale companies. I have experienced working in different global markets and environments. I consistently deliver high standards of work that I’m proud of. In my design approach, I keep it simple and refine the details.


If you like what you see and think we can work well together, then feel free to contact me about anything via email or dm me on Instagram even. Just say Hello! I am open to almost any idea so just ask me.

An idea?

Tell me about you and your next ideas. Let's work together to come up with a creative solution. I am very open minded to any other ideas you may have.

Graphic design

Graphic designer services in Hong Kong, Australia or globally.

Hong Kong graphic designer, Australia graphic designer, Asia graphic designer.

minhdesigns brand

Graphic design service

Offering clean detailed design style.

Design includes logo dsign, corporate documents, presentations, branding, layout, artwork, illustration, covers, posters, signs, vector, icons, photo editing, business cards, stationery, website, banners, mock-ups, visuals, clothing art, etc. #hongkong #freelance #graphicdesigner

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